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Behind the scenes - Wild horse fire bucket

Tania Lampe

Creating a few of a favourites today! so we thought we would show a bit of behind the scenes of our fabulous running horse fire bucket 🐴 🔥
if you want to check out the video head to https://www.facebook.com/Edendecorandgifts/videos/1450389938741628
Step1 Tania programs all our designs into the computer for cutting on the CNC PLASMA.
Step 2 we then move to Kev who gives it a good buffing 😋
Step 3 - now let the rolling begin.This is a 2 person job for Justin and Kev even Tan gets her hand dirty, in getting the angles just right.
Step 4 - We then pass it to Justin who works his magic and welds it all together.
Step 5 - it comes to the shop for a nice and easy sale with either Rikki or Tania 🛍
Step 6- we have FIRE and you have your amazing handmade fire bucket handmade with love and care for ready for that afternoon beverage by the fire 🔥

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